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Monday, March 5, 2012

This is Bilal.

This is Bilal learning about chemical energy during our outdoor reading circle on one of the most beautiful spring-like days of the season so far!

Just for 8th graders!

Hey 8th grade!

I really enjoyed our discussion in class today. Each of you had some really great, thoughtful, and thought-inspiring ideas and I appreciate all of your input!
Here is the link to complete the homework: Grizzly Bear Information 
Remember to click on "Part 1: Bear Ecology" and complete the handout you received in class today with nice complete sentences and quality, thoughtful responses.

In case you would like to review the short video we watched in class today, it is included here:

Tomorrow, we will be going over your homework assignment and continuing to discuss the issues surrounding Grizzly Bears in and around Yellowstone park.

Hooray Odey!!!

Congratulations Odey on getting the most correct answers on Friday's math challenge! You answered 6 out of 10 answers correctly! The next highest score was 3 out of 10 and the average score was 2 out of ten! You rock!!!

It's not break yet, 6th graders!

Here is the link to your homework for the week. This is handed out on Monday, but just in case you don't have it handy, you can always look at here too.

Homework March 5-9

Watch these videos!!!

Video on Conduction
More science lessons on Heat & Temperature at  

Video on Convection
More educational videos on Heat & Temperature at  

Radiation Waves
More science lessons on Heat & Temperature at  

After watching these videos, try this fun quiz, if you haven't already done so!

Fun Quiz!!

Comment on this post and tell me how you did on the quiz. Also, let me know what cool picture showed up when you finished the quiz and how you think it is connected to the topics we are studying!

Have Fun!