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Monday, April 2, 2012

Foothills Spring Clean-up: This Saturday

This Saturday, April 7th, I am participating in a Spring Clean-Up of the foothills trails. We will be meeting at the trailhead at the end of Copper Ave. at 9am and working until 1pm. Anyone who shows up and helps clean up will receive a free homework or two points on a test/quiz of their choice. Carpooling is encouraged; I live on the Air Force base, if you would like to carpool with me, let me know!

Link to more info:
Spring Cleanup

Sign-up by commenting on this post. Let me know how you are getting there and if your parent or older sibling is also going to attend. If more than 4 students sign up, we will need another adult.

The weather is beautiful now, this will be a fun way to give back to the environment and the community! Hooray for community service!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

6th grade
We will be studying chapter 7 section 3 this week, which is about magnetism. We will also be wrapping up chapter 7 and there will be a chapter test next Monday, 1 week from today.

Here is the link to your homework page in case you ever find yourself without it.

I would like you to watch this video tonight. It is a great review of ohm's law and we will have a miniquiz on ohm's law and calculating I=RV tomorrow at the beginning of class.

Physical Science 6.4a - Ohm`s Law
More science lessons on Electricity at

7th Grade!
We will continue to study Mitosis and Meiosis. 
Please watch these two videos! They are a simple and clear demonstration of how the chromosomes are duplicated and divided and also show crossing over and independent assortment. 
Mitosis demonstration
More science lessons on Cell Division at  
Meiosis demonstration
More educational videos on Cell Division at

After viewing the two videos please complete these two quizzes:
Once you have completed both quizzes, comment on the blog to let me know what your score was and describe the pictures that appeared at the end of the quiz. This is how I will know that you completed the quizzes, which is your homework, so don't forget!

8th Grade
We are continuing to study ecology and more specifically ecological relationships. Your homework tonight will be to play the mosquito game and the parasite game on this website 
While playing the games, you will be learning about the life cycle of the malaria parasite and you will complete the handout that was given to you in class today. After playing the games, please visit this website:
and view the interactive tour. This is a great resource for understanding the malaria life cycle and will help you finish your handout if you were unable to find some of the answers in the mosquito and parasite games.

Either tomorrow or the next day, you will receive your research project assignment. I will give you the full assignment in class, but I would like you to start thinking about topics. The assignment will take about a week to complete and you will be presenting in class, so make sure you pick something you are interested in. This is an individual assignment and each topic can only be done by one person. Here is a list of possible topics:
  • What’s happening to frogs? (What is causing amphibian populations to decline worldwide?)
  • Where have all the wild fish gone? (How is the fishing industry affecting populations of wild fish?)
  • What’s wrong with a fish farm? (What are the effects of factory fish farming on ocean ecosystem health?)
  • Uh oh, I lost my way! (How is increased development harming migratory birds and butterflies?)
  • Romeo, Romeo, I can’t hear you. (What effect are changing undersea sound levels having on ocean species?)
 If there is a topic that you think fits the theme of these topics that you are really interested in, you may ask me if it is something you may research and we will discuss it.

There is no PE on Wednesday because of the field trip. Girls will have games on Tuesday and Yoga in the park on Thursday. It is the Girls' week to have two classes and there have been weeks when girls did not have PE due to field trips. It all evens out in the end. 
*Please dress appropriately!

Tomorrow is the VERY last day to hand in Registration and Fees.
REMEMBER, if you participate you get a free homework or 2pts on a test or quiz. If you recruit friends and family, you get another free homework or extra points for each of them!
Its a good deal, and it is going to be FUN!!!