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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dog Shaming

My new internet addiction is Dog owners take pictures of their pups after they perform some misdeed, write a confession for the dog, and post it on this site to "shame" them. Here is an example:

I took 4 sticks of butter from a grocery bag.  Ate 2, smeared 3rd into the couch.  Mom is still searching for the 4th.

Obviously, Gnasher deserves a spot on this website, but it is hard to decide what to shame him for...
Some potential shame for Gnasher:
"I ate the straps of mom's Patagonia messenger bag"
"I ate mom's $40 smartwool compression socks the same day she bought them"
"I have consumed at least one sock out of every pair of smartwool socks mom owns as well as any fancy running socks she buys"
"I ate the straps of mom's havaianas flip flops the same day they arrived in the mail from Zappos"
"I tried to eat a shark jaw mom uses for teaching, but it hurt my mouth and I was only able to half destroy it"
"I pull books off the bookshelf and eat them"
"I pulled dads rainbow flip-flops under the closet door and ate 1/4 of each shoe. Dad still wears them"
"I pull plants in the back yard, bring them inside and shred them, making 'salad' for my parents"
"I shred paper that is left within my reach"
"I eat stuffed animals and then my poop is multi-colored fabric"
"I jumped up on the table and knocked a full bowl of cereal onto the carpet"
"I peed in my parents bed when dad asked me if I wanted to go out to pee"
"I eat holes in the fleece blanket on my parents bed"
"I ate a $5 bill"