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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Marathon Results

So, the marathon was much more difficult than the two I had run previously. There were more hills on the course than any other race I have run and it was really hot and humid. When I train, I usually drink gatorade every couple of miles to give my body sugar to fuel my muscles and replenish the electrolytes and water that I have lost by sweating. When you run for more than 1 hour, it is really important to give your body carbohydrates, such as sugar, or else your body will start breaking down your muscles for fuel. Usually races will offer gatorade, or the equivalent, about every other mile on the course. Unfortunately, this race did not and I did not have any of my own. I got extremely dehydrated and my body started shutting down. It was really painful, but I finished. My time was 4:41:32, more than 30 minutes longer/slower than the time I ran in the 2010 NYC marathon (4:09). But, my stats show that I was a pretty average runner for the course. I was 1,732th out of 3,925 total runners. I was 185th out of 443 25-30year olds. And, I was 637th out of 1,800 females.

This picture was taken right before I crossed the finish line. I think you can see the relief in my face. I looked much more miserable in the pictures taken around mile 22.

At least the medal is pretty...

I am very much looking forward to run for the zoo this coming Sunday, when I only have to run 6 miles!!!