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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hula Hoops

In Girls PE on Tuesday I challenged them to get the whole group through a hula hoop while keeping their hands clasped together in a circle. This wasn't too hard and we started timing the group to see how fast they were able to do it. I am pretty sure the record was 27 seconds. Then, I made it harder. Rinad and Alexis were deathly allergic to hula hoops! If the hoop touched them, they would go into anaphylaxis and die! So, the group had to figure out how to get the two allergic girls through the hoop without touching it! This proved much more difficult, but the girls eventually figured it out. It just wasn't fast... You all did a great job working together, cooperating, problem solving, and communicating! And, like every challenge or game I give you, it was really, really fun to watch :)

7th grade HW Aptil 18th

G7 HW April 18th

Quality work gets quality grades! Please do your best! :)