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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Important Reminders (6,7,and 8th grade)

Hey everyone!

First: Tomorrow in science, we will be working on our PSA's and hopefully taping a few. If you need any supplies or props, please bring them.

The school year is quickly coming to an end. I know many of you are scrambling to get your grades up at the last minute. I appreciate that you care about your grades and want to improve them. I would like you to also appreciate that when everyone is handing in weeks worth of work in the last week of the semester, it creates a huge amount of work for me. I am grading and entering make-up work as fast as I can. The final date to hand in make-up work for 7th and 8th grade is Tuesday of next week The final day to hand in make-up work for 6th grade is Monday of next week. All grades must be entered by Thursday! Parent/teacher conferences are next Friday. Please be advised that I have class at 5:30 and will need to leave school by 5pm. If you can, try to schedule your conferences with me early in the day!

7th and 8th grade you have a really big science test on Monday... Please study over the weekend!!!

8th grade you have a 1 page (typed, single spaced, or 2 pages double spaced) report on what you have accomplished in helping to fix the environmental issue you researched. I hope to see that you have accomplished quite a bit!

In PE today, girls played a game called magic carpet. All the girls stood on a tarp, the "magic carpet," and tried to turn it over without having anyone stepping off. It is a quite challenging initiative and the girls didn't quite figure it out. It takes a lot of teamwork and excellent communication skills. If they had a little more time, they would have made it, I am sure!

Also, aftercare is always a trip! Check out how absolutely adorable these two are together!!!! They are watching Toy Story 2 and sharing a chair! AWWW!
Never leave your phone alone! Some paparazzi will pick it up and catch some pics when you are not expecting! I found these pics in my phone today and they made me laugh. I thought you might enjoy the laugh too!!

And this one is just plain funny. Gnasher would hate me if he knew I posted this one...