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Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm leaving, on a jet plane...

I want to thank everyone for being so sweet to me on my birthday! You have beautiful singing voices! And, I did really well on my yoga quiz; thank you for letting me practice with you! I hope you enjoy the blue planet episode in class today. I am hoping that it is soothing and relaxing for you after your long week of testing! Please make use of your classtime on Monday, even though I will not be there. 8th grade, finish the workbook section two and make a vocabulary foldable for the whole chapter. Start studying vocabulary; there is a quiz on Wednesday. 6th grade please read chapter 8 section 3 and take notes on the notetaking page in the new packet you will receive. 7th grade finish your DNA coloring packet. Here are some pics of gnasher from the week for you to enjoy over the weekend.

1. Gnasher sitting pretty...before his bath
2. Gnasher looking unsure about his gentle leader, which is a head harness that keeps him from pulling
3. The mess gnash made for me while I was at yoga class

Ok... I am getting on the plane now!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

7th Grade Make-Up Work

Mitosis Flipbook Handout Pt. 1
Mitosis Flipbook Handout Pt. 2
Modelling Mitosis Classwork and Homework
Mitosis Lab

Other assignments are listed in previous posts: G7 HW April 13th and G7 HW April 18th and the 10 facts from each genetics videos

Enjoy your weekend!
I will miss you while I am away!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hula Hoops

In Girls PE on Tuesday I challenged them to get the whole group through a hula hoop while keeping their hands clasped together in a circle. This wasn't too hard and we started timing the group to see how fast they were able to do it. I am pretty sure the record was 27 seconds. Then, I made it harder. Rinad and Alexis were deathly allergic to hula hoops! If the hoop touched them, they would go into anaphylaxis and die! So, the group had to figure out how to get the two allergic girls through the hoop without touching it! This proved much more difficult, but the girls eventually figured it out. It just wasn't fast... You all did a great job working together, cooperating, problem solving, and communicating! And, like every challenge or game I give you, it was really, really fun to watch :)

7th grade HW Aptil 18th

G7 HW April 18th

Quality work gets quality grades! Please do your best! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just for you :)

6th grade
Here is the homework page:
G6 HW April 16-20
We are now studying waves, light, and sound (Chapter 8). Please make sure that you are completing assignments on time and participating in class.
Here are your homework videos:
Science of Sound
More science games & videos on Sound at  
Propagation of Sound
More science games & videos on Sound at  
How ear Works
More educational games & videos on Sound at  

7th grade
Advanced Genetics Notes <--Here are the powerpoints for Monday and Tuesday.
These are the videos for Tuesday's videos:
(Please watch both videos completely and pay attention to detail. They are not short, so I suggest taking a break in between the two videos. your assignment is to write down 10 specific facts you think are important from each video. Typing is nice :)

Mendelian Genetics and Inheritance
More science lessons on Genetics at  
Advanced Genetics
More educational lessons on Genetics at

In class today (Tuesday April 17th) I will be handing out information for an upcoming event. There are trail cleanups during the next two weeks, but I will not be able to attend. If you go with a parent and show me pictures, you can still get extra credit. The next clean-up I will e participating in is National river clean-up day, which is Saturday May 19th. This event looks like it will be a lot of fun, especially since a friend of mine is reserving us rafts to use in order to get all the garbage out of the river. I need to know who is going to be attending now, so we can get waivers signed and make sure we have the right number of boats. Each boat will have a raft guide and all the proper safety equipment. Children ages 7 and up are permitted to participate. For every four students, one parent will have to participate. 
For more information: National River Clean Up
Please fill out the forms and return them to me by FRIDAY APRIL 20th!!!
This is going to be awesome!!!

Tuesday: Girls have Games
Wednesday: Boys workout
Thursday: Girls have yoga in the park 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Indian School Trail is now clean!!

Today, Caleb, Layla, Gnasher, and I participated in the Albuquerque Open Space spring clean-up of the Indian School trailhead. I had never hiked out from this trailhead before, so it was a real treat to explore a new area. And, we did some serious exploring. Instead of focusing on the dog poop right at the trailhead, we decided to hike out as far as we could in an hour and a half and then pick up poop and garbage on the way back. Gnasher was kind enough to carry our bags and gloves and the recycling we picked up along the way. We came across some 4th year medical students that were doing a month long wilderness medicine course. They were practicing vertical rescue and had a stretcher hung up with climbing gear and they were securing and lowering a "patient." It looked really fun! The instructor had a really cool dog that Gnash had a ball running around with. They were running through a stream and across trails and through the bushes. After that, Gnasher was filthy, but he was about to get a lot dirtier. We climbed up some rocks next to a small waterfall and saw that the trail continued up next to the stream. We followed the stream and found a cave! Unfortunately the cave was full of mud and not very deep, so we didn't explore it. A little bit further up, we had to cross the stream and climb up some rocks that had been coated in mud. Our wet sneakers made climbing the muddy rocks quite slippery. I slipped and was falling into the stream. Layla tried to catch me, and I pulled her in with me. It was pretty hysterical. Afterwards, Layla commented, "You are really heavy, Mrs. Maggi!" and she received a dirty look in response. We continued up until we saw a good turnaround point and resting spot. Gnasher, Caleb, and Layla played Gnash's favorite form of tag (when you chase him) for a bit, and then we headed back down. It was finally time to work. We each had a plastic bag and plastic glove and picked up a bunch of dog poop and little pieces of garbage along the way. Back at the trailhead, we ate lots of snacks and waited for the raffle. Layla won fancy hiking socks and Caleb, and I both won reusable shopping bags (Gnash didn't get a raffle ticket). Caleb's is a really nice canvas bag that he filled with complimentary healthy snacks. After I brought Caleb and Layla home, Gnasher and I took the most amazing nap! What a wonderful day! Thank you Layla and Caleb!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

7th grade Weekend Handouts

Hey 7th grade!
Here is your weekend homework:
G7 HW April 13th
Please complete these 4 pages in full sentences when asked to free write and answer all parts of all questions. If there is not quality effort put into the assignment, there will not be a quality grade given!
Also, please watch the 4 genetics videos I posted for you.  You never know when there might be a pop quiz :)
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

7th grade you HAVE to watch these!

I love, love, love these videos :)

Genetics 101 Part 1: What are genes?
More educational videos on Genetics at  
Genetics 101 Part 2: What are SNPs?
More educational videos on Genetics at  
Genetics 101 Part 3: Where do your genes come from?
More educational games & videos on Genetics at  
Genetics 101 Part 4: What is phenotype?
More science lessons on Genetics at  

6th Grade: Videos for Weekend HW

6th Grade
These are the 3 videos you are supposed to watch this weekend for homework. Please write down the 5 most important facts you learned from each video. The facts should be in full sentences and a fact cannot be repeated. If you are unable to write neatly, please consider typing. Staple the assignment to the back of your packet and hand it in on Monday!   

More educational games & videos on Light & Optics at  
More science lessons on Light & Optics at  
More educational games & videos on Light & Optics at  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


6th Grade
Hey 6th grade! Here is your homework page in case you lose it (better not!) or your parents want to look at it when you are not around.
Our Compass Relay game in class today was great fun! Everyone did a great job using the compasses. It was a little tough to navigate a triangle, but I am pretty sure everyone managed to navigate a square.  Wednesday we are going over the test and on Thursday we are starting chapter 8. Exciting stuff!

7th Grade
Here is the powerpoint presentation we started in class today. it should be printer friendly: all white backgrounds! 
Here is a really great website to check out. It is an animation of sorts like the mitosis and meiosis site I gave you. Look at it ad read through. It will help you understand everything we are learning about in class.

8th Grade
8th graders are completing a big research project in class and at home this week. The rough draft is due tomorrow, Wednesday. We will do peer editing and feedback in class on Wednesday and Thursday in the computer lab so that you can continue to work on your research, final drafts, and powerpoint presentations. Remember, you can use wikipedia to learn about your topic, but you cannot use wikipedia as a source. All of your sources must be .org, .gov, or .edu. You can use a .com if there is a legitimate author and publication date. You can NEVER use wiki answers or These are not real sources. 
** Your final paper and presentation is due on Friday when you will be presenting to the rest of the middle school (maybe more if they are interested and have free time). 
** This project is worth one test grade and one project grade. It will either really help your grade or really hurt your grade, so take it seriously and do a good job.
**You will be recruiting people to join your action team and help you complete your action plan to help solve the problem that you researched, so make sure your presentations are really amazing!

Boys played games in the park today: one of my favorites, Paranoia. Everyone tucks a "tail" into their back pocket. If someone grabs your tail, you take a knee, if you grab someones tail, you stand back up and they take a knee. There is always someone after your tail and it really does make you paranoid. It is also hysterical to watch.

Wednesday boys are working out!
Thursday girls are yoga in the park.

Next week Girls have 2 days, games/running & park yoga

This Saturday, I will be participating in the trail clean-up at the Indian School  trail head. Everyone in welcome. I have 2 places left in my car; if you want them, let me know. If you life SE or NE I will pick you up. If you live NW or SW we can meet at school. Everyone that participates gets a free homework or do now, or extra test points. And, a really fun day doing something good for the environment. Let me know if I will be seeing you there!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hmm... I really love the weekend!

Today Sara, Marwa, Amina, Layla, Caleb and I helped clean up the Copper trail head. First we used shovels to pick up dog poop that had been flagged by other volunteers. Dog poop carries diseases to wild animals and changes the nutrient composition of the soil. When we got to the trail there were so many little pink flags it wasn't even possible to count them. When we were done, all the pink flags were gone and we had removed between 150-200 pounds of dog poop!! After we finished the poop project, we hiked into the foot hills, picked up broken glass, a soda can, a plastic shopping bag, and lots of candy wrappers! Caleb found a used car filter that he entered in the "most interesting" trash competition. At about noon, we ate our lunches and fruit and snacks provided by the open space volunteers and waited to see who won the "most interesting" trash competition and check our raffle tickets. None of us won anything, except an awesome morning and a feeling of accomplishment. The leader of the open space volunteers was really appreciative to have young people volunteering and he made a pretty inspirational speech. When you help clean an ope space or do trail maintenance, like we did today, you feel a sense of pride and connection to the land. I sure did! I am so proud of those of you who took time out of your weekend to volunteer and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

The last picture is of the interesting trash pile. Caleb's oil filter is the orange canister. The winner of the competition won a full day pass with rentals to the climbing gym!

Weekend Homework
7th grade, your workbook pages are 89-94. Don't forget to do everything except the foldables.

6th grade, STUDY!! You have a test on chapter 7 on Monday. Go over your old assignments, reread the chapter, do the online quizzes on, look at your paper miniquizzes, study the vocabulary words, practice Ohm's law.

8th grade, your homework is to hand in an outline of your research paper. Here are two resources to help you with the outline. 

***Next weekend there is another trail clean up on Saturday from 9-1. If you would like to go, let me know! Same deal with the free homework or extra quest points***

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tent Rocks!

Thank you all for one of the best days ever! I am so excited we all had the chance to experience the sublime together! Everyone was respectful and appreciative. I am pretty sure it was a day no one will forget!