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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super Stars!


I had the most amazing Friday night watching your production of Baklavia! You are all naturals and you each did a fabulous job with your part! I laughed out loud so many times I can't count and was smiling the whole time. You should all be so proud of the hard work and dedication you gave to the play. I know it wasn't easy, but you really pulled it together in the end and did an AMAZING job! Also, Ms. Kasparian is pretty fabulous.

I hope you each enjoyed your moment in the spotlight and will continue to participate in theatre in the coming years.

Thank you, also, to all the parents who cooked for the audience and cast. The food was delicious!

Gnasher and Edith went on a date!

Edith hung out at my house during your afternoon performance on Saturday and Gnasher is completely in love with her. So am I, I considered not giving her back, but she is going to get too big for my little house! The two of them wrestled and cuddled and played together. Gnasher even gave Edith his last piece of the rawhide bone he got for being good at the vets when he had his surgery.

Run for the Zoo

Run for the Zoo was Sunday morning with different starting times for each different event. My race, the 10k or 6.2 miles, started at 8:30am. I had a really great race and achieved a PR (personal record). My time was 54:22 which meant that I ran each mile in about 8:45. I placed 265 overall out of 986 total runners, 76th out of 536 female runners, and 13th in my division 25-30 year old females. I felt great at the finish and then ran over to the starting line for the start of the 5k times race. I watched for Junte, hoping to cheer him on, but I did not see him. Next, I waited for the fun run to start, since most of the Salam Academy students and families registered for these runs. The start of the fun runs was extremely crowded! It was hard to pick out familiar faces and hard to get people's attention. I got to see Mrs. Cuba start with her husband and baby (in a stroller) and I saw Landon and his family. Unfortunately, I was not able to find anyone else. I hope everyone had a wonderful morning outside being active and were able to spend some time at the BioPark. Sara sent me a picture of her and Darya at the zoo and it looks like the two of you were enjoying the day!