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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


6th Grade
Hey 6th grade! Here is your homework page in case you lose it (better not!) or your parents want to look at it when you are not around.
Our Compass Relay game in class today was great fun! Everyone did a great job using the compasses. It was a little tough to navigate a triangle, but I am pretty sure everyone managed to navigate a square.  Wednesday we are going over the test and on Thursday we are starting chapter 8. Exciting stuff!

7th Grade
Here is the powerpoint presentation we started in class today. it should be printer friendly: all white backgrounds! 
Here is a really great website to check out. It is an animation of sorts like the mitosis and meiosis site I gave you. Look at it ad read through. It will help you understand everything we are learning about in class.

8th Grade
8th graders are completing a big research project in class and at home this week. The rough draft is due tomorrow, Wednesday. We will do peer editing and feedback in class on Wednesday and Thursday in the computer lab so that you can continue to work on your research, final drafts, and powerpoint presentations. Remember, you can use wikipedia to learn about your topic, but you cannot use wikipedia as a source. All of your sources must be .org, .gov, or .edu. You can use a .com if there is a legitimate author and publication date. You can NEVER use wiki answers or These are not real sources. 
** Your final paper and presentation is due on Friday when you will be presenting to the rest of the middle school (maybe more if they are interested and have free time). 
** This project is worth one test grade and one project grade. It will either really help your grade or really hurt your grade, so take it seriously and do a good job.
**You will be recruiting people to join your action team and help you complete your action plan to help solve the problem that you researched, so make sure your presentations are really amazing!

Boys played games in the park today: one of my favorites, Paranoia. Everyone tucks a "tail" into their back pocket. If someone grabs your tail, you take a knee, if you grab someones tail, you stand back up and they take a knee. There is always someone after your tail and it really does make you paranoid. It is also hysterical to watch.

Wednesday boys are working out!
Thursday girls are yoga in the park.

Next week Girls have 2 days, games/running & park yoga

This Saturday, I will be participating in the trail clean-up at the Indian School  trail head. Everyone in welcome. I have 2 places left in my car; if you want them, let me know. If you life SE or NE I will pick you up. If you live NW or SW we can meet at school. Everyone that participates gets a free homework or do now, or extra test points. And, a really fun day doing something good for the environment. Let me know if I will be seeing you there!