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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just for you :)

6th grade
Here is the homework page:
G6 HW April 16-20
We are now studying waves, light, and sound (Chapter 8). Please make sure that you are completing assignments on time and participating in class.
Here are your homework videos:
Science of Sound
More science games & videos on Sound at  
Propagation of Sound
More science games & videos on Sound at  
How ear Works
More educational games & videos on Sound at  

7th grade
Advanced Genetics Notes <--Here are the powerpoints for Monday and Tuesday.
These are the videos for Tuesday's videos:
(Please watch both videos completely and pay attention to detail. They are not short, so I suggest taking a break in between the two videos. your assignment is to write down 10 specific facts you think are important from each video. Typing is nice :)

Mendelian Genetics and Inheritance
More science lessons on Genetics at  
Advanced Genetics
More educational lessons on Genetics at

In class today (Tuesday April 17th) I will be handing out information for an upcoming event. There are trail cleanups during the next two weeks, but I will not be able to attend. If you go with a parent and show me pictures, you can still get extra credit. The next clean-up I will e participating in is National river clean-up day, which is Saturday May 19th. This event looks like it will be a lot of fun, especially since a friend of mine is reserving us rafts to use in order to get all the garbage out of the river. I need to know who is going to be attending now, so we can get waivers signed and make sure we have the right number of boats. Each boat will have a raft guide and all the proper safety equipment. Children ages 7 and up are permitted to participate. For every four students, one parent will have to participate. 
For more information: National River Clean Up
Please fill out the forms and return them to me by FRIDAY APRIL 20th!!!
This is going to be awesome!!!

Tuesday: Girls have Games
Wednesday: Boys workout
Thursday: Girls have yoga in the park