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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Boys PE today (Tues. 2/21)

The boys conquered Marshmallow River, but it wasn't easy!

In PE today, the boys tackled the classic initiative "Marshmallow River." In this initiative, the whole team must make it across the river without stepping in and sinking. In order to accomplish this feat, the team gets a limited number of marshmallows. Marshmallows can be stepped, but must be in contact with a student at all times or else they sink (i.e. I steal them). The hardest parts of this initiative are communication and teamwork. I made it even harder for them by "silencing" the group's natural leader Junte. The team had to work out the problem in a whole new way without Junte making and implementing a plan and Junte was challenged in a new way by experiencing what it is like to watch and try to communicate non-verbally. There was a lot of frustration and many different techniques tried out. After many tries and almost 30 minutes, the whole team made it across the river! The group expressed that this challenge was much more difficult than previous initiatives, but they felt more successful when they finished it.

Good Job Boys!

Tomorrow in PE we will be playing games in honor of Caleb's Birthday.

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