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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Science Classes Feb 20-24

6th Grade:
The 6th graders are studying forms of energy. We are currently reading about Kinetic and Potential Energy. On Monday we took our chairs and books outside to take advantage of the mild Albuquerque weather and held class on the patio. It was a little chilly in the shade, but it was a nice change in scenery. We will finish reading and discussing section one on Tuesday and will be doing experiments in class on Wednesday and Thursday.
**Important for 6th graders**
I handed out a packet on Monday that has your participation points page, a homework page describing your assignments in detail, and the handouts for homework and classwork. If you lose this packet, you will not be able to participate in the lab activities. Parents, please ask to look at this, so you can be sure homework is being completed. The participation points page needs to be handed back in on Monday with your signature.

7th Grade
The 7th graders are working on a unit project to wrap up our unit on invertebrates. In groups, the students are researching an invertebrate that they think is especially cool and are working on expressing that information in creative ways. Sara and Marwa are producing a puppet show about the vampire squid. Fatimah and Nimra are constructing a diorama exhibiting the pin-cushion starfish. Odey and Taha have crafted a model of the box jellyfish. Rinad, Amina, Gada, and Alexis are making informative and decorative posters about the Portuguese Man-O-War and Ctenophores. They will be presenting on Wednesday. The grades will count either as a project or a test based on what the students feel will help their grade most.

8th Grade
The 8th graders are now studying vertebrates and have been learning about bony and cartilaginous fish. In class on Monday, students looked at a shark jaw, shark teeth, and otoliths (fish ear bones) during lecture. On Thursday, we will be dissecting perch in class. I have sent an email with information about perch and how to dissect them. Please make sure you look at this material before Thursday so we can have a successful dissection.

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