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Thursday, April 26, 2012

7th Grade Make-Up Work

Mitosis Flipbook Handout Pt. 1
Mitosis Flipbook Handout Pt. 2
Modelling Mitosis Classwork and Homework
Mitosis Lab

Other assignments are listed in previous posts: G7 HW April 13th and G7 HW April 18th and the 10 facts from each genetics videos

Enjoy your weekend!
I will miss you while I am away!

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  1. Hello this is Taha. There are a few assignments that I would like to make up but cannot find here on the blog. They are:
    1) Coin Flipping Activity
    2) Genetics Crossword
    3) Mitosis V. Meiosis Chart
    4) XX/XY genetics punnett square HW
    I have enjoyed watching these videos on mitosis and meiosis. Thank you for helping me complete my work.